"Echoes" EP on CD

"Echoes" EP on CD

THE EP "Echoes" is available to buy on CD now!

1: I Feel Low
2: Come Back Home
3: Echoes
4: The Reason

Blue Nation "Echoes": Neil Murdoch (Guitar, Vocals) Luke Weston (Bass, Backing Vocals) Ben Brannelly (Drums & Percussion)

Produced, Recorded and mixed by Trevor Gibson @ Circle (Recording) Studios, Birmingham

Mastered by David Greenberg at Sonopod Mastering

Vocalist Neil states:
“The main focus behind the new EP was to take our songs to the next level. We only had one way to do this and that was to work with Trevor Gibson at Circle Recording Studios. Trevor is one of the best in the music industry and my god we were nervous! Trevor has won a Grammy in 2015 created / acted in his film ("Scream For Me Sarajevo”) and to top it all off has done several TEDx event talks! He is also one of the nicest people we have ever met.

The E.P is filled with well crafted songs; born out of the ever-long frustration of lock-down. From the moody-blues of ‘I Feel Low’ to the catchy rocker ‘Come Back Home’ to the uplifting master-class that is the title track ‘Echoes’, there is something here for everyone.

Neil goes on to say...
“The song writing for the EP came to us all very quickly, I remember Luke coming up with the riff for ‘I Feel Low’ and ‘Come Back Home’ in one week! ‘Echoes’ fell out of my head one afternoon after I was thinking about a good friend of mine who had passed away.

‘The Reason’ was all of us in our studio working the parts out from something we messed about with during sound-checks. When deciding on what to record it was a no brainer, these four tracks stood together and told a story about Loss, Love and belonging to something”